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Golf Training DVDs


Digital Golfschool

Finally a made for DVD golf instructional. Simon Holmes is a real trainer and coach - and it shows. This is not about "once-in-a-million" shots by some pro that are impossible for anybody else to do but about solid instruction for all level of players. With over two hours on the DVD the different segments (e.g. the Swing) are systematically developed and presented. The DVD navigation also allows you to go directly to all relevant areas, for example Impact drills for slicers or Controlling distance in bunker shots. This is a DVD that you'll come back to many times.
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Understanding the Golf Swing: The DVD

For thousands of players, their first session with Manuel de la Torre marked the day their game got simpler and they began playing better. Immediately, you'll be relieved to know that the long list of things-to-do for golf shots gets more manageable because it gets shorter. As the list gets shorter, it is easier to understand, apply, and perfect the essentials that will improve your game.

Your session with Manuel de la Torre begins in Volume 1 with a conversation that takes you to a new perspective in which golf makes the kind of sense you always knew it should. Then one-at-a-time, he walks you through the fundamentals of an effective swing. The clarity and simplicity, with which only he can do this will make it obvious why players from all over the country come to work with him.

In Volume 2, your session takes you out on the course where he shows you how these fundamentals are common to every swing. He conducts your training in putting, chipping, pitching, sand play, uneven lies, and your full swing.

Elapsed Time:
Volume 1- 76:12
Volume 2- 74:03

The DVD Understanding the Golf Swing is a stand alone complete introduction to golf. Please also see the book Understanding the Golf Swing, also by Manuel de la Torre.

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The Power Golfer by The Golf Trainer #1 Fitness Program in Golf! Add Driving Distance and Increase Clubhead Speed!

The Power Golfer™ by The Golf Trainer™ #1 Fitness Program in Golf™. This DVD will show you how to add more power to your golf swing, increase your driving distance and add more club-head speed. The Power Golfer™ is broken down in the following programs:

The Power Golfer™ #2 At-Home Driving Distance Program

The Power Golfer™ #4 Dumbbell Golf Swing Program

The Power Golfer by The Golf Trainer #1 Fitness Program in Golf! Add Driving Distance and Increase Clubhead Speed! NOTE: A powerband and physio-ball are required for use with this golf fitness video.

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Golf Training Tools

Noted golf instructor Wally Armstrong gives you countless of his helpful tips and techniques to help you improve your golf game. Included on eleven programs across two double-sided DVD discs are such chapters as: Feel Your Way To Better Golf, Gadgets and Gimmicks, Short and Long Game Teaching Aids, and much more.
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Golf for Dummies

Designed for golfers of all ages, GOLF FOR DUMMIES provides tips from a 30-year veteran of the game, CBS-TV golf commentator and senior PGA Tour Champion Gary McCord. With ways to better your game by improving you grip, stance, putting, and more, this helpful video is a great way to help you with a simple game that isn't always so easy.
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Payne Stewart's Guide of Golf Etiquette (1993)

Golf pro Stewart teaches golfing greenhorns how to share the green in harmony with more experienced players.
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Women's Golf

Designed for the woman golfer seeking to improve her game, yet clear and complete enough for the novice or beginner.

*3 LPGA "Teacher Of The Year" Award Winners
Show How To Play Better Golf

*2 Outstanding LPGA Touring Professionals
Demonstrate form & Technique at Each Step.

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Good Golf is Easy

Combining a golf lesson with scenery from the lovely Cote D'Azur in the south of France makes learning to overcome sand traps a bit less painful. Golf expert John Norsworthy travels to France to provide thirteen lessons brimming with tips to improve everyone's golf score. Lessons include "One Handed Swing & the Sweet Spot," "Introduction to Woods & Fairway Woods," and "Golf Etiquette."
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Quick Tips from Golf's Greats

Experience the convenience of DVD! Select the section(s) specific to your needs...hear helpful tips from various golf professionals and see their demonstrations of golf's fundamentals including: grip, stance, swing, driving, fairway woods, long iron, chipping, wedge play, sand shots and putting.

Enjoy over two hours of instruction or jump to the section of your choice with a simple click! No more need to search through hours of videotape to find what you're looking for!

Professionals Fred Couples, Davis Love III, Donna White, Tom Kite, Bobby Nichols, Al Geiberger, Billy Casper, Jack Fleck, Jerry Barber, Orville "The Sarge" Moody, Charles Owen, Jim Blakely, Dow Finsterwald, George Bayer and Harold Henning offer a unique up-close-and-personal approach to golf's important elements. PLUS, learn about your favorite professional golfer in the "About the Pros" section and learn helpful hints under "Practice Tips" to improve your game!

From every strategic angle, you'll see the masterful techniques of professional golf's best and learn how to incorporate them into your game for maximum enjoyment!

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Ultimate Golf Learning Experience Set

Learn golf from the real pros on this five DVD disc set! Among the eighteen programs featured in this collection are: Quick Tips from Golf's Greats, Golf's Gambling Games, Maximizing Your Game, Feel Your Way to Better Golf, and Short and Long Game Teaching Aids. One of the highlights of this collection is the number of name golf pros that give you their tips and tricks: David Love III, Billy Casper, Fred Couples, Donna White, as well as reknown instructor Wally Armstrong.
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Trainer Joe Golf - Golf Strength Training Video & DVD

Gain explosive striking power through Flow Training™ for Golf

Flow Training™ for Golf will add that extra dimension to your training, which translates into extra yards off the tee…fluid whip action through the impact zone…full release and rotation of the clubhead through impact.

Flow Training™ for Golf trains the whole body as a single integrated spring that coils and uncoils in a flowing and synchronized manner. The end result is full release through impact.

Flow Training™ for Golf uses twisting and coiling exercises to retrain tendons and ligaments. The joints are made dynamically flexible. The legs are trained to drive powerfully yet act as a stable platform.

Flow Training™ for Golf is derived from the high level Asian martial arts. Methods known and practiced by generations of the world’s most elite fighters have proven that minimum effort when combined with proper body alignment, coil, and release can yield maximum power. The training sequences and movements in the Flow Training™ system have been designed to lay the same foundation for power in the golfer. By training proper body flow (alignment, coil, and release), you can achieve amazing results in your striking power.

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