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Golf Strength Training Equipment

Trainer Joe Golf - Golf Strength Training Video & DVD

Gain explosive striking power through Flow Training™ for Golf

Flow Training™ for Golf will add that extra dimension to your training, which translates into extra yards off the tee…fluid whip action through the impact zone…full release and rotation of the clubhead through impact.

Flow Training™ for Golf trains the whole body as a single integrated spring that coils and uncoils in a flowing and synchronized manner. The end result is full release through impact.

Flow Training™ for Golf uses twisting and coiling exercises to retrain tendons and ligaments. The joints are made dynamically flexible. The legs are trained to drive powerfully yet act as a stable platform.

Flow Training™ for Golf is derived from the high level Asian martial arts. Methods known and practiced by generations of the world’s most elite fighters have proven that minimum effort when combined with proper body alignment, coil, and release can yield maximum power. The training sequences and movements in the Flow Training™ system have been designed to lay the same foundation for power in the golfer. By training proper body flow (alignment, coil, and release), you can achieve amazing results in your striking power.

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